Diana and I were watching the local news, when the camera cut to a well-known local female reporter wearing a surprisingly form-enhancing outfit. Diana registered her shock and surprise:

“Wow, I didn’t realize how big her boobs were.”
“Melissa Fry. You didn’t notice that outfit?
“No, Darling. I really wasn’t paying any attention.”
“Seriously. Roll the DVR back.”

Diana grabbed the remote and rolled back to the news report in question.

“See? Holy cow, they’re huge.”
“Mmm… no… I don’t see it. Roll it back again.”

Diana rolled the DVR back again.

“There. See?”
“No. Maybe it’s just the outfit. Roll it back again.”
“Okay, I’ll…. You butt! You saw them the whole time, didn’t you?”
“Of course I did. I’m not blind.”
“Then why didn’t you say anything?”
“Because I’m not stupid, either.”

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