Enhancing a Holiday Favorite

Every once in awhile, I am allowed to watch a movie of my choosing. Last night, I chose The Polar Express. As it did not contain a shirtless, strapping fireman or misunderstood woman looking for love and not realizing it has been right there beside her all along in the form of a man she initially disliked, Diana promptly fell asleep. She awoke a couple of hours later.

“Well, good morning, Sleepy.”
“I fell asleep.”
“I know. You snored through the entire movie.”
“I did not.”
“Yes, you did. It sounded like a couple of polar bears were fighting just off camera in every scene.”
“I’m sorry.”
“Don’t be. It added an element of tension and danger I always thought was missing from the film. I kept expecting one of those kids to get mauled at any minute.”
“I wasn’t THAT loud.”
“Honey, it sounded like you killed and ate at least three seals and a walrus.”
“Well, that would explain my sore throat.”

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