How I Met Your Mother

While flipping through channels, Diana and I caught part of Cecil B. DeMille’s  The Ten Commandments. In the scene, Moses was enjoying the hospitality of Jethro, the Midianite, who was offering Moses one of his daughters as a bride by having them dance for him. I turned to Diana:

“Awww, that’s exactly how we met.”
“Remember? I showed up at your house and saved you and your sisters from those robbers, and your Dad was so grateful he had you all dance for me and told me to pick one of you?”
“Really? And what dance did we do?”
“I think it was the Hustle because the Tootsie Roll hadn’t been invented yet. Anyway, after you had all finished, I pointed, and you squealed,  jumped up, and ran over to me.”
“Well, I could see you had potential as a husband.”
“Yeah, except I wasn’t pointing at you. But you were so excited, I didn’t want to hurt your feelings. I just let it ride so I wouldn’t upset the laws of hospitality.”
“And just who were you pointing at?”
“Doesn’t matter, now. Everything worked out okay.”
“You have absolutely no idea where we first met.”
“Well, no, but I really like this version.”
“You were at school painting a backdrop for a dance. Sharon brought me over and introduced us.”
“Why did she do that?”
“She said you had nice teeth and that I should go out with you.”
“She was my dental hygienist, so she would know.”
“Also, I think she thought you were a ‘good boy.'”
“That’s because she never dated me. So did we hit it off right away?”
“No. You just looked up, said, ‘hey,’ and went back to your painting. It kind of hurt my feelings.”
“Yeah, well, I was shy. Besides, I was a senior and you were only a little freshman.”
“I can’t believe you don’t remember that.”
“I remember. I remember you had the boobs of at least a junior.”
“Lord, I wish I still did.”

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