Our grandson, Gabe, and I were emerging from the basement yesterday, when Diana cornered us.

“Hi, Grandma!”
“Hi, Gabe. What have you and Grandpa been doing?”
“Teaching each other.”
“Really? That’s nice. Grandpa, what did Gabe teach you?”
“Well, Gabe spent the last two hours telling me all about his Super Smash Bros video game and it was SO AWESOME! He showed me EACH character and explained ALL of their moves – including their special moves! It was great! Then he told me he had beaten this level or that level, but that was back at his house in INDIANA, so it wasn’t saved on OUR game system, but he really DID beat those levels! Then he told me HOW he beat each and every level! I’m telling you, I have never enjoyed learning about something so much as Super Smash Bros! Super Smash Bros is the COOLEST! My favorite character is Princess Peach! Seriously, this may be the BEST DAY of my ENTIRE LIFE!”
“Wow. That sounds awesome. Gabe, what did Grandpa teach you?”
“Yeah, it’s when you say you really, really like something, like a video game, but you really don’t.”
“I don’t think Grandpa should be teaching you that.”
“Grandpa is good at it.”
“I know.”

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